Weybridge, 12th June, 2006 - Sony Europe today introduces its new range of personal computer displays with a sleek and unique design that stands out from the standard variety of monitors currently on the market. The E Series monitor extends from below the screen to the desk, hiding the control buttons neatly within a slot on the lower right hand side. This extension of the monitor provides a ready-made area for keeping Post-it® notes in one place while also sporting a handy groove which is ideal for holding pens. Available in 17” (SDM-E76D) and 19” (SDM-E96D) size screens with both digital (DVI-D) and analogue (HD-15) interfaces as standard, the E Series redefines the home or work office and helps make sure desks remain tidy and organised.

The Sony personal computer displays range was brought under Sony Europe’s IT Peripherals umbrella in April 2006 alongside the storage products to ensure a dedicated refocus on these products through indirect channels. The E Series is the first of the new range of displays to be made available in this way and the exciting new style is designed to attract attention.

Yoshiro (Josh) Honda, Display Marketing Manager, Sony Europe said, "Post-it® notes have become an everyday part of life both in the office and in the home. Sony engineers noticed that people often stick them to their computer screens as reminders – a habit which persists even in this electronic age - and so designed a computer display with an integrated area designed specifically for Post-its®. We believe this will be a very popular model as its appearance is striking while its shorter depth and unobtrusive cabling make it ideal for keeping desks clear."

Design: Sony
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